Focus in Strategy and Innovation - ASFOC2431D

Enrolment Requirements

Enrolment in the Management Specialist Program (ASSPE2431).

Completion Requirements

This Focus requires the completion of 2.5 credits.

  1. Complete 1.0 credit from the following courses: RSM393H1, RSM459H1, RSM482H1, RSM490H1, RSM493H1, RSM498Y1 (Special Topics in Management: Creative Destruction Lab)
  2. Complete 1.5 credit from remaining courses in requirement 1, or the following courses: HIS267H1, RSM340H1, RSM341H1/​ RSM470H1, RSM370H1, RSM394H1, RSM438H1, RSM439H1, RSM464H1, RSM491H1, RSM494H1, RSM495H1, RSM496H1 and any strategy, innovation and/or entrepreneurship-themed RSM special topics and RSM Summer Abroad courses as determined by the Director of Rotman Commerce.

Alternative courses may be substituted with the prior approval of the Director, Rotman Commerce. Contact the Rotman Commerce Program office for more information.