Focus in Medical Anthropology (Major: Society, Culture and Language) - ASFOC2112A

This focus enables students in the Anthropology Major (Society, Culture and Language) ASMAJ2112 to identify courses pertaining to Medical Anthropology from a sociocultural perspective and receive formal acknowledgement for completing a suite of health-related anthropology courses.

Enrolment in the Anthropology Major (Society, Culture, and Language) is required.

2.5 credits (total)

1. ANT205H1

2. 2.0 credits from: ANT208H1, ANT345H1, ANT348H1, ANT357H1, ANT358H1, ANT382H1, ANT385H1, ANT435H1, ANT458H1, ANT460H1, ANT474H1, ANT488H1, JAR301H1

Health related Anthropology Special Topics courses may be chosen when offered at the third or fourth year levels.