Focus in Medical Anthropology (Major: General) - ASFOC1775A

This focus enables students in the Anthropology Major (General) ASMAJ1775 to identify courses pertaining to Medical Anthropology across the discipline’s social science and science fields and receive formal acknowledgement for completing a suite of health-related anthropology courses.

Enrolment in the Anthropology Major (General) is required.

2.5 credits (total)

1. 0.5 credit from ANT205H1 or ANT208H1

2. 2.0 credit from: ANT345H1, ANT348H1, ANT357H1, ANT358H1, ANT382H1, ANT385H1, ANT435H1, ANT442H1, ANT446H1, ANT458H1, ANT460H1, ANT474H1, ANT488H1, JAR301H1.

Health related Anthropology Special Topics courses may be chosen when offered at the third or fourth year levels.