Focus in Web and Internet Technologies (Specialist) - ASFOC1689J

(3.0 credits)

The Web and Internet Technologies focus introduces students to the systems and algorithms that power today's large-scale web and Internet applications such as search engines, social networking applications, web data mining applications, and content distribution networks. The focus covers the architecture of the systems, algorithms and protocols, and machine learning techniques underlying these applications.

Students who wish to pursue the Focus in Web and Internet Technologies should have a solid understanding of statistics, be good programmers, and have a good understanding of data structures and algorithm design.

To get practical experience, students pursuing the web and Internet technologies focus are encouraged to do either a CSC494H1/​ CSC495H1: Computer Science Project course or a summer USRA/UTEA project in web and internet technologies.

Enrolment in the Computer Science Specialist Program (ASSPE1689).

Required courses:

  1. STA238H1/​ STA248H1 / STA261H1, CSC309H1, CSC311H1, CSC343H1, CSC457H1/​ CSC458H1
  2. 0.5 credit from the following list: CSC413H1, CSC443H1, CSC457H1 (if not taken in list 2), CSC458H1 (if not taken in list 2)

Suggested Related Courses:

  1. Courses offered at UTM: CSC347H5, CSC423H5, CSC427H5
  2. ECE568H1
  3. ENV281H1, ENV381H1