Focus in Computer Systems (Specialist) - ASFOC1689F

(3.0 credits)

Software systems are complex and interesting. Poorly done systems can be incredibly expensive: they can cost society billions of dollars and sometimes make the difference between life and death. Rapid changes in technology and applications means that the underlying systems must continually adapt. This focus takes you under the covers of software systems, laying bare the layers and introducing you to concurrency issues, scalability, multiprocessor systems, distributed computing, and more.

Enrolment in the Computer Science Specialist Program (ASSPE1689).

Required Courses:

  1. CSC209H1
  2. 1.5 credits from the following: CSC343H1, CSC367H1, CSC369H1, CSC358H1/​ CSC457H1/​ CSC458H1
  3. 1.0 credit from the following: CSC358H1/​ CSC457H1/​ CSC458H1 (if not taken in list 2), CSC324H1, CSC385H1, CSC443H1, CSC469H1, CSC488H1

Suggested Related Courses:

  1. CSC301H1, CSC309H1, CSC410H1
  2. Relevant courses offered at UTM: CSC347H5, CSC423H5, CSC427H5
  3. Relevant courses offered by Engineering: ECE454H1, ECE568H1