Focus in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (Specialist) - ASFOC1689C

(4.0 credits)

How can we build and analyze systems that enable users to communicate with computers using human language (also called natural language) and automatically process the vast amounts of data on the web available in the form of text? The focus covers appropriate material on natural language interfaces, as well as tools such as document summarization, intelligent search over the web, and so on. Students considering this focus are encouraged to consider a Major in Linguistics. [Note 0.5 credit in LIN is in addition to the 12.0 credits required to complete the Specialist program]

Enrolment in the Computer Science Specialist Program (ASSPE1689).

Required Courses:

  1. CSC318H1
  2. CSC401H1, CSC485H1
  3. LIN101H1/​ LIN200H1
  4. 1.5 credits from the following: CSC309H1, CSC413H1/​ CSC421H1/​ CSC321H1, CSC311H1, CSC428H1, CSC486H1
  5. 0.5 credit from the following: PSY100H1, COG250Y1

Suggested Related Courses:

Other relevant Computer Science courses, depending on the student's interests, include other courses in artificial intelligence such as CSC384H1 or CSC420H1. Linguistics, Psychology, and Cognitive Science are all directly relevant to this focus, and we recommend that interested students take additional courses from any or all of those disciplines.