URB437Y1: Urban Experiential Learning in Toronto & the GTA



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A method of studying city issues that combines readings, seminar discussions, and field trips with an 8 hour / week internship in the office of a municipal politician, local government, or non-profit organization. Readings focus on community development, urban planning, economic development and local governance. Students must fill out a ballot for the course (available by contacting the Urban Studies Program Office) by June 1st. Enrolment in this course is competitive and at the discretion of the Urban Studies Director and/or course instructor.

URB235H1, URB236H1. Priority is given to students enrolled in the Urban Studies Minor, Major, or Specialist Programs. However, consideration may be given to students with suitable course background as determined by the Program Director.
Distribution Requirements
Social Science
Breadth Requirements
Society and its Institutions (3)
Mode of Delivery
In Class