TRN410H1: Researching Critical Cases in Contemporary International Relations

This course allows students with majors in International Relations to apply some of the techniques and skills they have developed during their undergraduate careers to an original research project in contemporary international relations history. This course is a chronological historical survey of the world since 1968, as the origin of the present era. Within the chronology, attention is given to major developments/themes that emerged and continue to affect the present day. These include: the rise of China as a power, political dissent, the emergence of terrorism, the environment, energy as major international issues, the neo-liberal economic turn, globalization, the end of the Cold War, the human rights/humanitarian intervention revolution, and key post 2000 developments such as the War on Terror, the decline of the US “unipolar moment,” the 2008 financial crisis and the return in the 2010s of nationalism and protectionism. This course is restricted to students enrolled in the International Relations major program.

Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Society and its Institutions (3)
Mode of Delivery
In Class