TRN141Y1: Environmental Science and Pathways to Sustainability



This course introduces students to fundamental issues in environmental science with a multi-disciplinary focus on human impacts on physical and biological systems, and on identifying pathways to sustainability. Key themes will include energy and resources, climate change, land use, contaminants and protecting biodiversity in the context of the Anthropocene. The course challenges students to apply the scientific method to environmental monitoring, research and problem solving through project design, data collection and analysis. The course also emphases information literacy, skills to distinguish science from pseudo-science, and considerations around representation of environmental science in the media. Restricted to first-year students admitted to the Trinity One Program. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

Innis One, Munk One, New One, SMC One, UC One, Vic One, Woodsworth One
Breadth Requirements
Living Things and Their Environment (4)
The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)
Mode of Delivery
In Class