STA255H1: Statistical Theory


This courses deals with the mathematical aspects of some of the topics discussed in STA220H1. Topics include discrete and continuous probability distributions, conditional probability, expectation, sampling distributions, estimation and testing, the linear model (Note: STA255H1 does not count as a distribution requirement course).

STA220H1/ STA221H1/ STA288H1/ ECO220Y1 (note: ECO220Y1 may be taken as a co-requisite)/ STAB22H3/ STA220H5/ ECO220Y5; MAT133Y1 (70%)/ ( MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/ MAT137Y1/ MAT157Y1/ ( MATA32H3 (70%), MATA33H3 (70%))/ ( MATA29H3 (70%), MATA35H3 (70%))/ ( MATA30H3, MATA36H3)/ ( MATA31H3, MATA37H3)/ MAT133Y5 (70%)/ ( MAT132H5 (70%), MAT134H5 (70%))/ ( MAT135H5, MAT136H5)/ MAT137Y5/ MAT157Y5
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