SOC375H1: Sociology of the City


Cities have played a vital role in the global economy, but within the past decade, their importance has increased. From issues of housing affordability to homelessness, from debt crises to energy usage, from insufficient water to the outbreak of diseases, name a problem that concerns any aspect of social life, and the city is the crucible of where you will find it. On the other hand, cities represent our best hope for finding solutions to these enormous problems since they also serve as incubators of innovation, ideas and wealth creation. It is for these reasons that understanding cities become an important frame for understanding the joys and perils of social life. For over a century, sociologists have focused on understanding different issues related to cities and their urbanization processes. However, in investigating the city, there have been several debates about their futures.

1.0 SOC credit at the 200+ level
SOC395H1 (offered as "Sociology of the City") taken in Winter 2022 or 2023
Social Science
Society and its Institutions (3)
University-Based Experience