SOC150H1: Introduction to Sociology II: Sociological Inquiries


In the sequel to SOC100H1: Introduction to Sociology I: Sociological Perspectives, this course will explore in more depth the topic of social inequality and the contemporary debates that animate sociology. We may like to think of ourselves as perfectly free but powerful social forces open up some opportunities and close off others, constraining our freedom and helping to make us what we are. By examining the operation of these social forces, sociology can help us know ourselves. The course is also about skills-building, skills useful not only for success at U of T, but beyond the walls of the university.

SOC101Y, (SOC102H + SOC103H), SOC200H1, SOC200Y1, SOCB05H3, SOC221H5, SOC200Y5
Social Science
Society and its Institutions (3)