SMC188H1: SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas



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This seminar is an interdisciplinary exploration of leading scholarly, intellectual and public questions related to ecology, science, literature, and public life. From a variety of perspectives, the seminar considers how religion, and how different kinds of religious experience, figure in the broader context of human affairs. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

This course is restricted to newly admitted Faculty of Arts and Science students accepted to SMC One. Applications are due before the end of April (deadline subject to change). Apply via the JOIN U of T website.

Admission to SMC One
Innis One, Munk One, New One, Trinity One, Vic One, UC One, Woodsworth One, SMC155H1, SMC165H1, SMC185H1, SMC188Y1
Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2)
Mode of Delivery
In Class