RSM358H1: Foundations of AI for Management


Artificial intelligence — the application of machine-learning techniques to prediction problems historically performed by humans — is transforming business and society. This course provides a hands-on introduction to the wide variety of algorithms used in applications of machine-learning. The technical topics will include linear and non-linear regression models, classification algorithms, and more recent machine-learning techniques rooted in neuroscience like reinforcement learning and deep learning. Application topics will include predicting consumer choices, MLB salaries, and Super Mario Bros. There will be an emphasis on conceptual understanding, so that students can interpret the results of these techniques to support effective decision-making. The course will be complemented by many hands-on exercises using the R programming language.

RSM338H1, RSM313H1 (Special Topics in Management: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence for Management), offered in Fall 2020
The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)