RLG421H1: Fragments of Redemption: Sigmund Freud and Theodor Adorno


This course will challenge the prevailing view that the thought of Sigmund Freud and Theodor Adorno is so deeply pessimistic as to be devoid of hope. Freud’s psychoanalytic theories are widely (mis)interpreted in the register of a crude pansexualism and biological determinism. Adorno’s critique of society and the individual is often (mis)interpreted as so ruthlessly pervasive that it forecloses on any possibility for emancipatory transformation. This is a distorted view of both thinkers, that misses the hopeful, utopian currents that motivate and shape psychoanalysis and critical theory. The course will explore the emancipatory currents in Freud and Adorno, and their implications for potentialities of individual, social and ecological transformation.

Completion of 14.0 credits
Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2)