PSY425H1: Self-Consciousness



The distinguishing feature of our species is the reflexivity of our consciousness -- the ability to conceive of and interpret ourselves and our experiences. For us, consciousness involves self-consciousness. All our higher symbolic capabilities rest upon this foundation. The aim of this lecture course is to trace out a variety of frames through which we can examine and understand the shared aspects of our subjectivity as self-conscious agents. Using a multidisciplinary approach that draws together ideas and insights from psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and biology, the course is designed to foster articulacy and critical acumen in how we think about reflexive experience.

PSY201H1/ECO220Y1/EEB225H1/GGR270H1/POL222H1/SOC202H1/STA220H1/STA238H1/STA248H1/STA288H1/PSY201H5/STA215H5/STA220H5/PSYB07H3/STAB22H3/STAB23H3/STAB57H3, and PSY220H1/PSY220H5/PSYB10H3/SOC213H1
Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2)