PSY422H1: Community Psychology & Advocacy


This course is designed for students who are eager to apply their knowledge of psychological science to social problems. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of community psychology while also examining how social psychological theory and research can be applied to understand and address issues that affect communities. This course will help students develop the skills and confidence necessary to advocate successfully on public interest issues relevant to psychology. Students will also work in partners/teams with a community advocacy group to collaboratively address a specific problem or need of the organization. Through a guided process of practice and reflection, students will increase their self-efficacy and come to recognize their ability to use their psychological knowledge and skills to make change in the world. Classroom discussions will integrate community experiences with lecture material. Enrolment is by application (see psychology department website or contact the department for more information at Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

Society and its Institutions (3)
Partnership-Based Experience