PSY404H1: Psychology Seminar


Undergraduate students who are given permission to take a seminar at the graduate level offered through the Dept. of Psychology’s Graduate Program will be enrolled into this course code. Permission to take a graduate seminar for undergraduate credit must be obtained through three channels. First, the instructor of the grad course must give the student permission. It is ultimately up to instructor to decide whether the course is appropriate for undergraduate students, as well as if the specific student has the appropriate academic background to succeed in the course. Accordingly, the student may be asked to provide details about their relevant academic and/or research experience to assess their qualifications. Second, the Graduate Administrator ( must confirm if there is space in the course after graduate students have enrolled. Finally, the Undergraduate Administrator ( must receive an email from the Graduate Administrator confirming that the student has permission to enrol. The following information must be included in the email: Student name, student number, graduate course code and term (F or S), and the course subtitle. The student will then be enrolled into this undergraduate course code by the Department. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the graduate instructor to initiate this process and to follow-up with both the graduate and undergraduate administrators to ensure their enrolment.