PHC470H1: Global Pharmaceutical Policy


This course is designed for students who are interested in the critical analysis of global health policy and the interrelationship between global and domestic policy issues. The course will introduce students generally to the basic concepts and issues in global health with a particular focus on pharmaceutical policy. We will address key issues in health and discuss core institutional and transnational actors, how governments in different jurisdictions manage public health responsibilities, the tension between economic imperatives and health objectives, global obligations, and pressure from special interest groups. More narrowly, we will analyze a breadth of complex policies questions. Examples include: the research and development global divide, policial issues influences on pharmaceutical policy, how global commitments, such as membership in the World Trade Organization, conflict with or correspond to domestic policy directions and national sovereignty. Guest speakers will lead some sessions. This course will consist of lectures, guest discussions, case studies and student-led presentations. This is restricted to students in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry specialist program.

Enrolled as a Year 4 student in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry specialist program.
PHM320H1, PHM1124H
Society and its Institutions (3)