PHC432H1: Nanomedicines in Oncology


This course covers a range of topics that pertain to the development and application of nanomedicines in oncology. Students will gain an understanding of the biological barriers to drug delivery in oncology as well as the tremendous heterogeneity in cancer and the challenge this presents for treatment. The concepts of passive and active targeting of nanomedicines will be covered with critical assessment of the enhanced permeability and retention effect. A detailed overview of the most advanced nanotechnology-platforms for drug delivery (i.e., liposomes, block copolymer micelles and polymer-drug conjugates) will be provided with additional discussion of new emerging platforms. The integration of imaging in drug development and development of theranostics and therapeutic-diagnostic pairs will also be discussed. Special emphasis on critical evaluation of scientific literature and pre-clinical/clinical studies will be made throughout the course.

PHC230H1, PHC330H1 and enrolled as a Year 4 student in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry specialist program.
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