PDC320H1: Arts & Science Internship Program - Professional Skill Development I

This course is a mandatory component of the Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) for students admitted to the ASIP stream of their program for Year 2. Students admitted for Year 2 must successfully complete this course to graduate from the Co-op Stream of their program of study. The course will help students build transferable skills essential for success in the workplace and in the evolving world of work. The course will also support and help guide students through the next recruitment cycle. Topics may include: post work-term reflection (if applicable), advanced interview skills, job search support for recruitment cycle II, skills development modules, and optional networking events, industry speakers and visits, and community building events. Skills development modules may include: communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, intercultural skills, teamwork, and time management.

This course does not carry credit weight and is evaluated as Credit/No Credit. No tuition fee is associated, however an ancillary fee of $450 will be assessed.

Students who enrolled in the ASIP stream of their program in Year 3 should enrol in PDC330H1.