NUS351Y0: Field Studies in Geography: SE Asia

The module exposes students to different geographical methods, both human and physical, and as such it is an ideal preparation for any student wishing to undertake further primary research at higher levels in geography, and other social science disciplines. After a series of lectures/seminars on fieldwork methods, fieldwork ethics, and health and safety issues in the field (which may include some basic introductory language classes), students then undertake a 2 – 5 week period of field study overseas, depending on logistical and other constraints. Previous field studies have been for periods of 4-5 weeks overseas in Thailand and Malaysia. While overseas, students undergo orientation workshops, meet peers in host universities, and visit potential field sites before conducting an intensive period of fieldwork in small groups of 3-5 students. (Co-listed as GE3230A at the National University of Singapore)

Distribution Requirements
Social Science