NML470Y1: Advanced Turkish


This course is designed for students who have already completed NML370Y1 Intermediate Turkish or have an equivalent level of proficiency in Turkish. It aims to build upon the existing competence of the students in Turkish and to further improve their four skills through a variety of advanced speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. By the end of this comprehensive course, students will be able to read, understand and translate various authentic texts of different genres such as literary works. They will be able to write essays on a wide range of topics. They will demonstrate the ability to express themselves both orally and in writing through complex grammatical structures and a rich vocabulary. They will also have gained thorough understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which Turkish is spoken. The course will enable students to pursue independent studies in Turkish.

NML370Y1 or permission of instructor based on previous language knowledge.
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)