NML452H1: Halakhic Midrashim


Halakhic Midrash, the rabbinic continuation of biblical law, is written in Middle Hebrew I and is one of the three major literary creations of the Tannaitic period. It is an important part of ancient Jewish biblical interpretation which often differs from sectarian interpretation as found in Qumran. A study of the terminology and methodology indicates the existence of two midrashic systems: Devei R. Akiba and Devei R. Ishmael. This course familiarizes students with the methodology and terminology of these two midrashic schools. We will examine the scholarly debate concerning the exact time in which the halakhic midrashim were composed and redacted as well as the transfer of terminology and material between the schools. Sections from all the midrash halakhah (Mekhiltot, Sifra and Sifre) are studied and compared to other tannaitic materials.

Intermediate-level Hebrew (Modern or Biblical)
Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2)