NML359Y1: Babylonian Talmud



This course introduces the student to Talmudic texts through selections from a particular tractate for representative study. We shall study the Mishnah of the chapter in preparation for the Talmud. Recognition of the dialogic structure of the legal discussions centered on the Mishnah and its elucidation is emphasized. The classical commentaries (Rashi, Tosafot, R. Hananel), the use of dictionaries, concordances, biographies of sages, parallels and other sources will gradually become familiar to the student as aids in understanding the text under consideration. A brief presentation of the essential features of Babylonian Aramaic will be included in the course to facilitate study. Students will also be taught to make use of the Bar Ilan Responsa Project, the Lieberman database, and the Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Society database. We shall also discuss redactional issues as they appear.

Intermediate-level Hebrew or experience in Babylonian Talmud
Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2)