NMC454H1: Mapping the Ottoman World


This highly visual course explores the history of cartography in the Ottoman World between the 15th and 20th centuries. Focusing on the social life of images, it examines how the Ottomans and their rivals governed the territory through navigation, astronomy, architecture, property, and geographical surveys. From religious to scientific visualizations, maps make history. Yet not long ago, they were rare and strange technical objects, and their value as historical source has shifted again and again. Each week illuminates moments of this story by centering on a topic including empire, image, boundaries, print, reform, visualization, infrastructure, spatial literacy, map wars, and verticality.

1.0 credit in NMC/HIS/HPS at the 200+ level. Students who do not meet these prerequisites are encouraged to contact the Department.
NMC471H1 (Advanced Topics in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations: Mapping the Ottoman World), offered in Fall 2021
Society and its Institutions (3)