MUN310H1: Independent Study in Global Affairs & Public Policy

This course is an independent research project on a global affairs or public policy topic. Students must find a faculty supervisor appointed at the Munk School, submit a proposal, and receive approval for the project. Contact hours with the supervisor may vary, but typically comprise one hour per week.

To enrol, please contact the Munk School Undergraduate Program Director at to request an application form, which should be filled out in consultation with the faculty supervisor and include a detailed description of the course topic, reading list, and assignments/marking scheme, at least three weeks before the start of term.

MUN105Y1/ MUN200H1, or enrolled in at least one of the following programs: American Studies Major (ASMAJ0135); American Studies Minor (ASMIN0135); Contemporary Asian Studies Major (ASMAJ0235); Contemporary Asian Studies Minor (ASMIN0235); European Affairs Major (formerly European Studies Major) [ASMAJ1626 (formerly ASMAJ1625)]; European Affairs Minor (formerly European Union Studies Minor) [ASMIN1626 (formerly ASMIN1011)]; Peace, Conflict and Justice Major (ASMAJ1228); Peace, Conflict and Justice Specialist (ASSPE1228); Major in Public Policy (ASMAJ2660); South Asian Studies Minor (ASMIN1333).
Social Science
Society and its Institutions (3)
University-Based Experience