MAT133Y1: Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce



Mathematics of finance. Matrices and linear equations. Review of differential calculus; applications. Integration and fundamental theorem; applications. Introduction to partial differentiation; applications.

NOTE: please note Prerequisites listed below. Students without the proper prerequisites for MAT133Y1 may be deregistered from this course.

Note that MAT133Y is not a valid prerequisite for a number of more advanced quantitative courses. Students who are considering a quantitative non-Commerce PoSt, such as a math minor or a stats minor, may want to consider MAT135H and MAT136H, MAT137Y, or MAT157Y instead of MAT133Y. Specifically, a student who took MAT133Y may need to subsequently take MAT135H and MAT136H as "extra" or take MAT137Y or MAT157Y in order to proceed in non-Commerce PoSts.

High school level calculus
MAT135H1, MAT135H5, MAT136H1, MAT136H5, MAT137Y1, MAT157Y1, MATA30H3, MATA31H3, MATA32H3, MATA33H3, MATA35H3, MATA36H3, MATA37H3, MAT133Y5, MAT134Y5, MAT135Y5, MAT137Y5, MAT138Y5, MAT186H, MAT187H, MAT196H & MAT197H, ESC194H, ESC195H
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The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)