JIG322H1: Indigenous Worlds, Worldviews and the Environment



Explores the diverse ways of understanding and responding to the world that emerge from indigenous cultures around the world. Examines how indigenous ways of being and relating to their natural environment can help us understand and address the current environmental crisis. Using examples of indigenous activism from Canada and around the world, examines how colonial histories shape dispossession and marginalization and inform visions for the future. Topics include traditional ecological knowledge, place-based social movements, environmental concerns of indigenous peoples, bio-cultural restoration and decolonization of nature-human relations.

8.0 credits including one of INS200H1, INS201Y1, INS250H1, GGR107H1, GGR124H1, GGR240H1, GGR246H1, GGR254H1
Distribution Requirements
Social Science
Breadth Requirements
Society and its Institutions (3)
Mode of Delivery
In Class