JAA377H1: Black Radical Theory from the Global South: Anthropological Perspectives


This course will survey the works of Black theorists and anthropologists from the Global South, who are shaping current debates within and beyond the discipline of Anthropology, concerning colonialism and decolonization, Marxism, indigeneity, political economy, Black radical thought, queer theory and decolonial feminism. Students will look at how these works challenge the “Northern Academy’s monoliteracy” (Musila), politics of knowledge production and construction of the Global South as primarily a site of fieldwork and research extraction. Authors will include Sylvia Tamale, Wangui Kimari, Sabelo Ndlovu-Matsheni, Ochy Curiel, Keguro Macharia, Beatriz Nascimento, Michel-Rolph Trouillot and Abdelghaffar Ahmed.

Social Science
Society and its Institutions (3)