HMB496Y1: Research Project in Human Biology

A research project course for students enrolled in a Human Biology program, supervised by a faculty member appointed in a faculty or division at St. George Campus (Faculties of Arts & Science, Medicine, Engineering, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, etc.). Open to third and fourth year students.

Students are responsible for securing their own supervisor. Should a HMB Specialist require help securing a supervisor, the request must be made by email to the Human Biology Program Office no later than July 20 for Academic year projects and January 30 for Summer projects.

Completed applications for this course are due to the Human Biology Program Office by September 1 for Academic year projects and May 1 for Summer projects. Please see the application on the Special Enrolment Courses page on the HMB Website.

Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

Permission of the Human Biology Program; please refer to the Human Biology Program website for more details
Students are not permitted to do a HMB research project concurrently with another research project
Distribution Requirements