HMB491Y1: Project in Biotechnology Industry


Students undertake an academic internship in the biotechnology sector, in addition to meeting regularly in class to discuss and share their experiences. The course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply academic learning in a professional context, build their network, and explore potential career paths. Students will be required to complete 200 hours with a placement partner over the duration of the course (normally 8 hours/week).

The course is open to fourth year students. Students work with course staff to secure their internship with our partner organizations.

Enrolment is by application. Detailed application instructions are available on the HMB Special Enrolment website: Application packages will be accepted in April every year, and specific due date, course/placement information, and the application form can be found in the website. The application will ask about goals, course expectations and relevant knowledge & experience. Applications will be assessed based on prerequisites, submitted answers to application prompts and relevant knowledge.

Course enrolment will be based on the number of internship opportunities available (which will vary from year-to-year), student qualifications (e.g. performance in relevant courses, qualifications related to the internship positions on offer, and interview performance). Final acceptance into the course is dependent on the official acceptance of a student as an intern with a partner organization.

Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

14.0 credits and an application.
JPM300H1, ASIP Program, students are not permitted to complete the Professional Experience in Biotechnology concurrently with another research project (eg. HMB496Y1 and others).
Living Things and Their Environment (4)