HMB441H1: Genetics of Human Disease



This advanced course aims to provide students with current, in-depth knowledge of the genetics of specific human diseases, including single gene (e.g., Huntington disease), multifactorial (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease), and non-Mendelian (e.g. mitochondrial DNA-related disease) disorders, and how the use of genetics to elucidate disease mechanisms can lead to treatments and personalized medicine in order to improve healthcare.

Completion of 14.0 credits including BCH210H1, one of HMB265H1/ BIO260H1, one of HMB302H1/ HMB321H1/ HMB322H1/ HMB360H1/ BCH311H1/ CSB349H1/ MGY311Y1/ PSL350H1
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Living Things and Their Environment (4)
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