HIS468H1: Commemorations and Public History in Canada, 1800-2000


This course explores selected topics in the history of commemoration, public memory, and public history in Canada. Remembering the past has often involved various groups - political, economic, and social elites - who have attempted to create ‘pasts’ or ‘traditions’ for themselves and others in society, often as part of creating socio-economic and political hegemony. We also will read about their contestation by women, working-class people, and ethnic and racialized groups to counter the powerful’s apparent monopoly on public memory. As well, we will explore how historical memories have shaped and created landscapes, in ways both discursive and material.

HIS466H1 (offered as "History of Commemoration in Canada") taken in Winter 2015, Fall 2016 or 2018, (offered as "Commemorations and Public History, Canada, 1800s-2000") taken in Fall 2020 or 2021, (offered as "Commemoration in Canada") taken in Fall 2022.
Society and its Institutions (3)