HIS262H1: Canada: A Short History of Here


Designed for non-history students, this introductory survey fulfills the Society and Its Institutions breadth requirement.  It is open to all who want to know more about Canada.  Make sense of politics today and develop a deeper understanding of Canadian society and its institutions through study of the major events and demographic trends that have shaped the development of this country.  Topics will include First Nations/newcomer relations (including treaties and the Truth & Reconciliation report), French/English relations (including Quebec separatism), regionalism, the North, economic history, constitutional developments, and the development of Canadian identity, including common symbols associated with Canada.  No essay requirement.  Instead, enhance your critical reading and thinking skills through short writing assignments and weekly discussions of tutorial readings.

*This course will not count towards History program requirements or as a prerequisite for upper level courses*

Society and its Institutions (3)