HIS111H1: History and Social Media Algorithms


What role does social media play in the spread of historical falsehoods? Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are relatively new, but the hidden power structures that shape their content are not. This course explores the relationship between social media platforms and history in two ways. First, class discussions, workshops, and guest lectures introduce students to overlooked histories behind social media itself, including the rise of the early internet and its diverse roots and applications. Second, we explore how and why social media platforms, and increasingly AI tools, have come to amplify and automate historical biases and misinformation, while censoring or burying accurate and important historical content. Our course focuses on the big histories behind algorithms to think about the AI future, while offering students hands-on experience building original, critical historical content for social media. Restricted to first-year students.

Society and its Institutions (3)