FSL475H1: Creative Writing in French



Do you like creative writing? Are you simply curious about it? Do you want to hone your writing skills in French and develop your creative voice in the process? Then this course is for you. Part workshop in which constructive and supportive feedback will help you develop your writing in French and your creativity, part literary discussion on various aspects of literary technique such as character, setting, plot, point of view, structure or revision (through reading).

FSL375Y1/( FSL375H1 and 0.5 credit in FRE at the 200-level)
Not open to native speakers of French. According to our departmental enrollment guidelines, native speakers of French are excluded from all FSL courses with the exception of those needing to improve their written or oral skills who must request permission from the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies to enroll in FSL442H1 or FSL443H1. Such students will be asked to complete the Placement Test at the Department.
Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)
Mode of Delivery
In Class