FSL313H1: French for the Workplace



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This course is designed to enhance students’ existing knowledge of French by giving them a theoretical as well as a practical foundation in the use of French language in the workplace. Special emphasis will be placed on the appropriate vocabulary used within the context of communication in the Francophone workplace. Students will learn how to communicate in a variety of professional contexts as well as how to distinguish between the formal and informal styles of French suitable for diverse situations in the workplace. This course also aims to help students acquire intercultural skills needed in the Francophone workplace.

The redesigned course will provide a hybrid alternative that delivers the same high quality content and high degree of interaction present in traditional in-class course delivery. The new format will consist of weekly one-hour online sessions and two-hour traditional in-class sessions. In this format, further preparation work and homework will continue to be carried on as in the traditional course, i.e. outside of the 3-hour class time.

FSL221Y1 (63%)/ FSL222H1 (63%). Students may also fulfill this prerequisite requirement based on the results of their French Placement Test.
FSL320H1, FSL321Y1, FSL322H1, FSL375H1, FSL375Y1, FSL 400-level courses
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