FAH405H1: Understanding Dionysos: The God of Wine, Theatre and the Afterlife


The Greek god Dionysos presents a multifaceted entry point into exploring Ancient Greek art, culture, religion and history. This course is a comprehensive exploration of the figure of Dionysos, from his obscure pre-historic beginnings of foreign origin, to his transformation into other post-classical entities, spanning Christianity to Buddhism. A substantial part of the course deals with his representations in Greek art, and the god's relationship to the Greeks as the governing figure of many important facets of their lives: drinking practices, sexuality, the performative arts, and the transition into the afterlife through the notion of eternal bliss. The course reading draws on art historical literature, as well as primary sources, and theoretical texts regarding religion and cultural practices.

FAH307H1/ FAH310H1/ FAH311H1/ FAH312H1/ FAH313H1/ FAH314H1, and an additional 0.5 FAH credit at the 300-level
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)