FAH304H1: Architecture of Ancient Greece


In this course we will survey the history of Greek architecture and its impact on the buildings of the ancient Mediterranean. Chronologically, we will begin in the latter second millennium BCE, examining the consequences of the collapse of Mycenaean society on Greek building, after which we will examine the synthesis and dissemination of exciting new forms of monumental building at Greek sanctuaries and cities during the Archaic and Classical periods (ca. 700–350/323 BCE). We will conclude with the developments of the Hellenistic period, the era of eastern Mediterranean empires when architectural patronage is increasingly dominated by Greek and Hellenized royalty. Along the way, the course will examine topics such as the interpretation of meaning in Greek buildings and their sculptural decoration, the origins of building technologies, the interaction of Greek and non-Greek architects and builders, and the reception of Greek architectural forms within non-Greek contexts throughout the Mediterranean.

1.0 FAH credit at any level/ CLA210H1/ CLA220H5
FAH380H1 (offered as "Greek Architecture") taken in Winter 2020 and 2022
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)