ETH401H1: Seminar in Ethics


The seminar will expose advanced undergraduates to cutting edge research in ethics. It meets bi-weekly over the entire academic year. Participants will attend research presentations at the Centre for Ethics (topics have included bioethics, indigenous rights, equality and education, free speech, and workplace democracy). They will also meet individually with the instructor to plan an independent research project related to the theme of the course. In the winter term, students will present their research and discuss it with the other students in the seminar. (Note that this is an "H1Y" course -- a half-credit course taught throughout both Fall and Winter terms.)

One of PHL365H1, PHL375H1, PHL271H1, POL200Y1 or an equivalent, POL330Y1 or an equivalent. Preference for enrolment will be given to students of the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Political Science, and Trinity College's program in Ethics, Society, and Law.
Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2)