ESS490H1: Geological Capstone Fieldtrip

The capstone course is an opportunity to integrate your collected knowledge of geology, geophysics, and environmental geoscience in an exciting and varied field setting. You will use information gathered across a variety of field sites to examine how Earth processes have shaped the larger Earth system, and how this has influenced humans. Most past trips were run for two weeks during the summer months and explored Scotland, Hawaii, Newfoundland, Labrador, or the southwestern USA; future sites and dates will vary depending on instructor and destination. Note: Enrollment is handled by the department. For registration deadlines, additional fees associated with the field course, course dates, and special registration requirements, please consult the departmental announcements or inquire with Additional fee of up to $969 may apply.

12.0 credits from any Earth Science program of study requirements. Students who do not meet the prerequisite are encouraged to contact the instructor.
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