ENG499Y1: Advanced Research Seminar



A seminar designed to provide students with the opportunity to practice their skills of research and interpretation at a particularly advanced level, especially suited for students considering a graduate degree in English or a related discipline. The course is open to Year 4 students in English Specialist and Major programs who have achieved 80% in all English courses they have taken at the 200-level or above. Students also need 4.0 ENG credits (including ENG202H1, ENG203H1, ENG250H1, ENG252H1).

Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

14.0 credits, including ENG202H1, ENG203H1, ENG250H1, ENG252H1, and an additional 2.0 ENG credits. A minimum of 80% must be achieved in all ENG courses taken at the 200+ level.
Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)
Mode of Delivery
In Class