EEB403H1: Tropical Field Biology

A two-week field course introducing students to the diversity of biological communities in the tropics focusing on ecological and evolutionary interactions. Plant and animal communities of the New World tropics are compared and contrasted with temperate communities. Student research projects included. Fee for accommodations, food, within course travel, station fee, etc., will apply.

Students interested in taking an EEB field course apply directly to the department. Spaces for the course are limited, and student selection is based on a number of criteria that include:

  1. background in EEB concepts and approaches (assessed through courses taken and grades);
  2. benefit of course to student progress in their program of study and for professional development (assessed through courses taken and the student statement in the application)
  3. interest and motivation for taking the course (assessed through the student statement in the application)
  4. Year of study, with more senior students given preference.

See Departmental website for details. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

BIO220H1 and permission of department
Living Things and Their Environment (4)