ECO466H1: Empirical Macroeconomics and Policy


This course builds on ECO325H1, ECO374H1 and ECO375H1 as students increase their data literacy and learn modelling techniques to address policy issues. The course covers how monetary policy is conducted, central bank use of general equilibrium models, and basic techniques for predicting key macroeconomic variables. The class is divided into teams which make regular presentations on current global and domestic issues, the economic outlook, and how the Bank of Canada should adjust monetary policy in the short run. Traditionally, at the end of the course, a team from ECO466H1 is chosen to compete in the Bank of Canada Governor’s Challenge.

ECO208Y1(70%)/ ECO209Y1(70%)/ ECO202Y1(75%)/ ECO325H1(70%); ECO374H1(70%)/ ECO375H1(70%). Students may be required to submit a supplemental application or participate in an interview with the course instructor. Details will be posted on the Timetable.
Society and its Institutions (3)