ECO225H1: Big-Data Tools for Economists



An introduction to the big-data tools—including Machine-Learning techniques—economists increasingly use in applied research. The course explores unstructured data sources such as text files, webpages, social media posts, satellite imagery, and weather data. It offers a practical introduction to creating datasets from these sources (e.g., web scrapping), linking data, and managing and visualizing them (e.g., geospatial visualization).

( ECO101H1(63%), ECO102H1(63%))/ ECO105Y1(80%)/ ECO100Y5(67%)/ ( ECO101H5(63%), ECO102H5(63%))/ ( MGEA02H3 (67%), MGEA06H3 (67%)); MAT133Y1(63%)/ ( MAT135H1(60%), MAT136H1(60%))/ MAT137Y1(55%)/ MAT157Y1(55%); CSC108H1/ CSC110Y1/ CSC148H1
Distribution Requirements
Social Science
Breadth Requirements
The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)
Mode of Delivery
In Class