EAS199H1: Thinking through Art in Chinese Culture



This seminar explores different visions and methods of art (textual and visual) as a way of thinking about living, knowing, and willing in Chinese culture. Examination of various theoretical texts on arts and literature, as well as works of art themselves, will provide students with knowledge and research skills on arts in Chinese culture, and an expanded sense of Chinese intellectual history. Questions explored in the course will include: How should we understand the concept of Chinese art beyond representation? How did Chinese literati pursue a sense of beauty through their poetry and painting? How is beauty apprehended in natural and constructed landscapes? What are the political and social functions of art education in Chinese culture? How do Chinese artists fit into a global cultural context? (No prior knowledge of East Asian languages or cultures is necessary.) Restricted to first-year students. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)
Mode of Delivery
In Class