CSE444H1: Anti-Colonization and the Politics of Violence



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This advanced seminar interrogates how the theorizations, embodied lived experiences and lived resistance to structural violence can create social, epistemological, ontological and political decolonizing/anti-colonial transformation. The work of Frantz Fanon, John Akomfrah, The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, Elaine Brown and Assata Shakur amongst others are utilized to search for alternative and oppositional ways to rethink and re-respond to violence. The seminar pursues a nuanced understanding of violence as it relates to de/anticolonization as a lived praxis of resistance and as a practice of self-defense that is grounded in the assertion that there can be no decolonization without anticolonization.

CSE240H1/NEW240Y1 and an additional 0.5 credit at the 300+ level from the Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity Core Group.
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Society and its Institutions (3)