CSC303H1: Social and Information Networks



A course on how networks underlie the social, technological, and natural worlds, with an emphasis on developing intuitions for broadly applicable concepts in network analysis. Topics include: introductions to graph theory, network concepts, and game theory; social networks; information networks; the aggregate behaviour of markets and crowds; network dynamics; information diffusion; popular concepts such as "six degrees of separation," the "friendship paradox," and the "wisdom of crowds."

CSC263H1/ CSC265H1/ CSC263H5/ CSCB63H3, STA247H1/ STA255H1/ STA257H1/ ECO227Y1/ STA237H1/ STAB52H3/ STAB57H3, MAT221H1/ MAT223H1/ MAT240H1
CSCC46H3. NOTE: Students not enrolled in the Computer Science Major or Specialist program at FAS, UTM, or UTSC, or the Data Science Specialist at FAS, are limited to a maximum of three 300-/400-level CSC/ECE half-courses.
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The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)