CSC300H1: Computers and Society



This course offers a concise introduction to ethics in computing, distilled from the ethical and social discussions carried on by today's academic and popular commentators. This course covers a wide range of topics within this area including the philosophical framework for analyzing computer ethics; the impact of computer technology on security, privacy and intellectual property, digital divide, and gender and racial discrimination; the ethical tensions with Artificial Intelligence around future of work and humanity, the emerging role of online social media over voice, inclusion, and democracy; and the environmental consequences of computing.

Any CSC half course.
NOTE: Students not enrolled in the Computer Science Major or Specialist program at FAS, UTM, or UTSC, or the Data Science Specialist at FAS, are limited to a maximum of three 300-/400-level CSC/ECE half-courses.
Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Society and its Institutions (3)